"Shocking, Magical, and all Around Awesome. My New Favorite Series."

 Here's an excerpt from a review of Echinodea by Michael at The BookShelf Review.  He gave the book 5 out of 5 stars!

"Another amazing and fantastic story from Tom Tancin. The Atlantis Revolution series gets better and better as the story goes along. I love how Tancin takes his story and characters and kicks them up a notch. You can really tell how much thought and work the author puts into the development of his series."

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Why "Echinodea"?

I know Echinodea is a strang--let's go with unique--title for a book.  Here are some facts about Echinodea so you understand where the title comes from: 

1)  Pronounced  "Eh-Kine-Oh-Dee-Ah"

2)  Based on the word "Echinoidea"--which is the class under Phylum Echinodermata that contains sea urchins

3)  Class Echinoidea was chosen as the base because of Aristotle's Lantern (a sea urchin) fits into this category and the book's plot is centered around a starfish-shaped lantern that--if lit--would expose Atlantis to the world.

4)  Echinodea also refers to the starfish symbol that is tattooed on Atlantean elites.

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Hippocampus is Now Working on the Nook

The nook version of Hippocampus is now working!  If you already downloaded Hippocampus, you can get the latest version by archiving the book in your library and the unarchiving it.  When it returns to your library, it will be the newest version. 

Thank you for your patience in this matter!  I test both Hippocampus and Echinodea and they are  fully functioning.  However, if you run into any problems, please email me at tomtancin@gmail.com