Hippocampus--"Spectacular, adventurous, and magical"

Spectacular, adventurous and magical is what sums up this awesome book by Tom Tancin.  In my honest opinion this book reminded me of a combination of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Eragon and that is saying a lot. Hippocampus has practically everything in its pages. It has sword fights, good vs. evil, a prophecy, sorcerers, and a whole new Atlantean language. Hippocampus really was like reading a combination of all my favorite books with just the right elements added in.

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Atlantis Meet Indonesia

After six months of keeping it top secret, IT'S OFFICIAL!  Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution) is being translated into the Bahasa Indonesian language by PT Bentang Pustaka.  PT Bentang Pustaka is an imprint of Mizan, one of Indonesia's largest publishers.  Mizan is responsible for translating such best-selling books/series as The Heroes of Olympus, The Maze Runner, Divergent, The Fallen Series, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Steve Jobs The Exclusive Biography, and many more.  Hippocampus will be available in the Bahasa Indonesian language in paperback and eBook formats.  

This is of course a very exciting step in my writing career.  I am now officially published by a major foreign publisher and my book will be translated into another language.  It's so cool to be able to say that Hippocampus will be available in 2 languages.  I'm hoping that more foreign publishers will follow and I'll be able to add to the language list.  I want Hippocampus to be available to as many readers as possible and this is a huge step in the right direction.  

The English version of Hippocampus will be available in ebook form and paperback (only at Lulu.com) in April 2012.  The Indonesian publication date is to be determined but is expected in late 2013 or early 2014. 

Stay tuned!!

And if you're a publisher looking for rights to The Atlantis Revolution, please see the contact Tom page.