Post Vacation Update

I'm back from a great, fun, relaxing vacation.  Now I'm getting settled and back to normal.  So here's the first post since returning from vacation.

I made major progress on Echinodea (The Second Book of the Atlantis Revolution). I wrote nearly 15,000 words on the train ride to and from Florida (basically 15,000 words in 2 days)...that's pretty amazing. I have 1 full chapter to write and a few partials to finish...should end up adding close to 10,000 words in all. I WILL finish within a week (but hopefully sooner).

The cover for Echinodea will be revealed REALLY soon--maybe the day I finish writing the book??? ;)

I'm going to be a tease-- I really love the ending of Echinodea but you're going to HATE me for it! It doesn't have anywhere near the closure to the story that Hippocampus did.

I'm already outlining book 3--which does have a title that I'm not sharing yet. I almost let it slip by typing it in place of "book 3" above. Good thing I caught it when I did a read through.

Oh and I still have things to finish/catch up on for Hippocampus for promotions, giveaways, etc.  So if you're waiting on something, I will get to it as soon as possible.  I'm sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience while I was on vacation!

And I'm packing to move and starting to design the rooms for the new house--Atlantean royal palace style (which means researching and purchasing items that fit in the theme of the royal palace ). I move August 31st.

Echinodea (The Second Book of the Atlantis Revolution)

A Magical Lantern That Could Reveal Atlantis...
A Family He Knows Nothing About...
A Secret That Could Steal His Throne

"This is Jocasta," her voice echoed so loud and clear that I was sure the entire city could hear her.  "For those of you who do not already know, I am the most powerful sorceress alive today.  I speak to you on behalf of the Knights of the Abyss.  Today's attack is only the beginning.  If you want safety, consider aligning with the Knights.  Anyone who does not join us is against us.  And if you wish to keep things as you have known them, then you need to put pressure on your Prince.  A revolution is in order."  Her mercury eyes locked on me; poison flowed through my veins.  "Heed this warning," she spat.  "If the Prince does not relinquish his throne, all will be revealed."  

The Knights of the Abyss are still causing chaos in Atlantis.  They threatened that if Trey Atlas doesn't relinquish his throne, they'll light the Echinodea--a magical lantern that could expose the island to the entire world.  But if Trey steps down, the Knights would take over Atlantis and destroy everything it stands for; including erasing Trey's mysterious past.  So there's only one option--get to the Echinodea before the Knights of the Abyss.  

While on their search for the Echinodea, Trey and his Royal Court meet someone who claims to have the information Trey seeks about his biological family.  But the key to the mystery isn't what he hoped it would be.  It turns out that the secret in Trey's blood could steal the very throne he fights to protect.

All Will Be Revealed...April 2, 2013

All Is Revealed...

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