Author Access

If you need access to an author but are working on a limited budget, then you’ve come to the right place.  Why?  Because Tom Tancin’s Author Access Program is FREE so it won’t cost you or your organization a single penny.  Tom’s Author Access program enables you to get access to speak with Tom directly or indirectly, depending on what suits your individual needs.  And (like we said before) the best part is, the Author Access Program is absolutely FREE so you don’t have to worry about a budget.

Who can be involved in Tom’s Author Access program?
*Schools         *Book sellers
*Libraries        *Book groups (even small groups that meet at a home)
*Writers’ groups

What does it cost?
Unless you want Tom to physically travel to your location, it doesn’t cost anything.

Why should you take part in Tom’s Author Access?
Tom Tancin started writing when he was in 7th grade because he was challenged by a teacher.  Today, Tom is a 7th grade teacher.  His mission is to inspire students to read, write, and stick to their passion.  He also talks about his writing process, how writing helped him get a passion for reading, and more.  In fact, you can tailor the program to your needs.  

Tom has experience speaking with groups.  He traveled to events in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina.  He spoke at libraries, festivals, and book stores.  He’s discussed writing with writers’ groups.  He has experience talking about designing characters, plot development, outlining, etc.  

He also uses his personal story to inspire people to stick to a passion.  When Tom was young (in fact the same year he started writing), his dad was put on a lung transplant list.  The doctors said his dad wouldn’t live more than 3 years without a transplant.  That’s a difficult thing to deal with for a teenager.  Tom used his writing as an outlet to help him deal with everything going on in his life.  He understands that kids have difficult lives and need an outlet.  Tom’s happy to share his story so that others can learn from it.  

How does it work?
Here’s where it will differ for individual needs.  There four options for having access to Tom:

Tom LOVES to travel so if you have a budget for bringing an author to your location then this is the option for you.  Tom will come to your event and discuss his work, writing process, answer questions, and tailor his presentation to your group as needed.  The benefits of this program is that Tom will be live with your group.  The drawbacks are that it’s very difficult for Tom to fit travel into his schedule (except weekends and summer) and you will have to pay the cost of Tom’s travel (unless you live within a 3 hours drive of Allentown, Pennsylvania--then it’s free!)

Tom doesn’t charge an event fee.  All you would need to pay for is his travel method (car, train, flight) and hotel expenses (if needed).  Tom prefers to drive or take a train if possible.  The cost of this option will be specific to your location / group needs.  Contact Tom if you’re interested and he’ll calculate  a cost and let you know how much to plan for your budget.  Also, scheduling for this option is very tight so make sure you plan way in advance!

This program gives you live access to discussions with Tom via a video conferencing system (such as Skype).  Your group will need a leader who will be the direct contact with Tom.  The leader sets up the logistics on your end and gathers up the questions and statements from the group and reports them to Tom.  The other option is you can have group members take turns stepping up to the camera to ask questions and talk with Tom.  But if you have a projector and speakers, this can be broadcasted to an entire auditorium (so it’s great for large audiences).  

This program is the most difficult to schedule because Tom is a full-time teacher and writer so his schedule is usually filled.  Live Access works best at night, on weekends, and in the summer.  However, other options may be available so just contact Tom.

This program provides the most freedom for you to fit into your schedule.  Your group leader will gather up questions/comments/etc and send them to Tom prior to your meeting.  Tom will record a video response just for your group where he will discuss his work, writing process, and answer your questions.  Of course, if you have other needs/requirements for discusssion, those can be met as well.  Then, at your meeting, just play the video response and everyone can hear from Tom first hand and listen to his responses tailored to your group.  
This program is the easiest to fit into schedules.  Since Tom is a full-time teacher and writier, his schedule is usually filled.  If you send him the questions/comments/topics for discussion, he can tape his response at his convenience and then get it back to you for your meeting.  That means you can have access to Tom anytime and you don’t have to work around his schedule.  

If you don’t have access to a video and/or you don’t want to video conference, this is the option for you.  Tom will enter a chat room with you and your group (he has options for chat rooms that would be just for your group).  Discussion will be ongoing and Tom will answer your questions live via chat.  Like the LIVE ACCESS option, this option is built around Tom’s schedule so it works best at night, on weekends, and during the summer.  The earlier you schedule, the more likely it is that you’ll have greater options for date/time.  

Those are options offered by Tom.  However, if you have another idea, please contact him and explain your thoughts.  

Want to schedule AUTHOR ACCESS?  Email  Be sure to include which option you are interested in, what type of group you are (school, library, book seller, book group, etc) and provide a few dates/times so that Tom can fit it in his schedule and get back to you.  

February 25, 2012-  Book 'Em NC--Lumberton, NC  9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
*Tom is speaking on a panel "I Dream a Dream: YA Fantasy" at 2 PM