6 Months and Counting!!!

We're officially 6 months away from the release of "Hippocampus" (June 26, 2012).  Promotion will be picking up in the next couple of months and this site will be updated more often.

To the reviewers already signed up for a copy of "Hippocampus", review copies are being finalized and should be sent out to you in the next 2-3 weeks.

Stay tuned!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  This year I'm thankful for many things and one of them is that so many people have already showed support for Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution).  Thank you to everyone who has supported the book thus far and all of those who will in the future. 

Today starts the Holiday season and I usually get a great deal of writing done during the last month+ of the year.  Hoping the same holds true this year.  With 5 days off of school for Thanksgiving, I plan to spend a couple days with family and then a couple days writing to lead off the writing month. 

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!!


Update on the Revolution

I'm writing again!  After many weeks of feeling ill and mentally drained, I'm back to writing strength again.  Lucky for me (and you if you're waiting for the second book...oh wait, never mind!)  I planned, plotted, outlined, and created characters during my down time and now it's full steam ahead with the story.  For those of you that haven't kept track, I'm currently writing Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution).

I wrote a fight scene on Sunday and now I'm working on a very important plot line to the series.  It's a piece crucial to the overall story of The Atlantis Revolution and I think it will be particularly interesting to readers.  I know I'm intrigued by the possibilities.

The goal is still to finish the first draft of Echinodea before Hippocampus hits the market (June 26, 2012).  Based on my current progress and the outlines in front of me, that's entirely possible (as long as I don't get sick and/or mentally drained again).  I'd be even happier if I meet that goal a few months ahead of schedule.

Mnemosunero (Chapter One of Hippocampus)

Royal Palace – Atlantis
      Aerian woke with a gasping breath. Her face, drained of all color, contrasted her sweat matted black hair and gray robes. If her dream was true, something that had been predicted eleven thousand years ago was in progress. She listened to the world around her to figure out if she should believe the dream that woke her. But, being deep in the heart of the palace basement, she didn't hear anything at all.

Aruc's Prophecy for the Atlantis Revolution

Atlantis exists. Of course, you don't know this because it's hidden from our world. Eleven thousand years ago, the Greeks and Egyptians attacked Atlantis. In order to protect the island, Aruc, a sorcerer, created an illusion of the island sinking and then put a barrier in place to prevent outsiders from seeing or gaining access to Atlantis. But Aruc knew that the isolated island was not safe forever. In fact, he cast the very prophecy that predicted the bleak future of the island. His prophecy became known as Profiteia ek Epanastasi.

From Blood of Evil and Blood of True
A Boy is Born and this Prophecy Due
For When the Abyss Rises to Make Its Mark
The Savior is the Boy with Royal Blood Half Dark

The sorcerer then designed a plan that would ensure the survival of the island he loved. For thousands of years, Atlantis continued in peace and prosperity with no need for the plan.
Sixteen years ago, the Prince foreseen in Aruc's prophecy was born. Familiar with the Prophecy, and knowing that one day the boy would be needed to save Atlantis, the royal family sent the baby off the island to ensure his safety in the world outside Atlantis. Eleven thousand years after it was created, Aruc's plan was finally put in motion.

The Atlantis Revolution begins…

First Taste of Hippocampus

I'm posting this to tell you that Chapter One of Hippocampus will be posted right here on my site on October 26, 2011.  That's 8 months before the official release date of June 26, 2012.  Hope to see you back here on 10/26 for your first taste of Hippocampus!

A Few Updates!

First of all, I'm sick AGAIN!  The worst part about being sick is that it's drastically impacting my progress/work on The Atlantis Revolution.  When I'm sick, I don't feel like being creative so everything goes on hold.  I'm hoping I shake this one soon so that I can get back to work.

That being said, I ordered another 5 copies of Hippocampus.  These 5 are going out to people I personally know so that they can read, edit, and give me feedback.  This is the true test of Hippocampus.  Let's see how they like it!  I'll let you know.

Once I get feedback, I'll make any necessary/appropriate changes and then I'll send out review copies and have copies available for my students to read.  That will be the second test! 

The exciting part is starting...people are actually going to read the book.  

Paperback of Hippocampus!

I recently received the first ever paperback copy of Hippocampus.  The text on the right side of the front cover needs to be edited, but other than that it's perfect.  Remember that Hippocampus will be available for eReaders (nook, kindle, iPad, etc).  However, it will also be available as an exclusive paperback edition at an online printer (not on B&N or Amazon).  I will fill in details later but you will be able to get the paperback copy if you want it.  And it will only cost you about $8.99 plus tax & shipping.  Here are the pics of the first paperback copy ever:

First Poster for The Atlantis Revolution and Other Updates

Things are really busy for me.  I finished another edit of Hippocampus.  I have at least one more edit to do before publication in June.  I'm now formatting the book into paperback format so I can print some ARCS and distribute to bloggers and others for reviews.  I should have the paperback format ready by the end of this week and then I plan to start sending to reviewers in December or January.  

I also wrote the very last scene for Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution).  But that doesn't mean I'm finished with the sequel (I'm actually only around 1/2 way finished).  I had inspiration to write the final scene so I did.  Now the interesting part will be to see if it remains the final scene when the book is finished.  I usually reorder things so it may get moved.  

Also, there's more going on with The Atlantis Revolution that I can't talk about yet.  Hoping to share ASAP as it could be really HUGE.  Stay tuned!! 

Fighting a Cold, a Hurricane, and the Start of the School Year

Things have been hectic for me.  I started to overcome the power of the bacteria/viruses that took over my body for almost two weeks just in time for the start of the new school year.  Then Hurricane Irene made her presence known and delayed the opening of school for a day.  However, just as expected, the busy first week of school finally overwhelmed me and prevented me from posting. 

Basically, I haven't made any progress on Echinodea, book 2 of the Atlantis Revolution.  However, I'm editing Hippocampus and so I'm making some progress.  I'm also planning events, promotions, and advertisements.  So work is being done, even if it's a little less than I'd like. 

I think that's how it's going to be for the next 9 months or so.  I'll try to make as much progress as possible and post as often as possible but it might not be as often as you or I'd like.  Know this, just because I'm not active on here, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc doesn't mean I'm not working on The Atlantis Revolution.  I will be editing.  I will be writing (slowly).  I will be preparing for the major promotion to start in Spring 2012.  But I'll also be teaching, advising Science Olympiad, lesson planning, grading, running middle school dances, chaperoning dances, organizing field trips (hopefully), writing grants, and doing everything else that's part of my job as a middle school teacher. 

To say it short and to the point, I'll be busy.  So please be patient with me during this school year.  I will have preview chapters/promotions/events to discuss throughout the rest of this year and into 2012.  But it probably won't be on a regular basis.  Bear with me through the whirlwind.  Next summer will be worth the wait!

Quick Update

You probably noticed that things slowed down in the last few days.  I didn't give an update about my writing/editing and I haven't been active on Facebook/Twitter or on this site.  I'm not feeling well and so I'm not very productive.  Don't know if it's allergies or a head cold but it's keeping me from accomplishing the many things I should be doing.  Hopefully I'll be able to shake it soon and I'll be back to work.  I promise that I'll have some productive updates as soon as I feel better.

North Carolina, Get Ready For Revolution!!!

The first event planned for the Hippocampus Book Tour is in Lumberton, North Carolina.  On February 25, 2012, I'm heading to Book 'Em North Carolina.  Book 'Em is an organization that raises money to increase literacy rates in the community.  Further details are being arranged (including talks/panel discussions I will participate in) so check back often. 

I can tell you for sure that Hippocampus will be on sale (4 Months Early!!!).  That's right, if you meet me at Book 'Em North Carolina, you can buy and read the book 4 months early and support a great charity at the same time!    So mark your calendars for 2/25/12 and join the Revolution at Book 'Em North Carolina. Remember to bring your eReaders (Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPods, etc).

Here are my books that will be on sale at Book 'EM North Carolina:
Hippocampus (eBook Formats) $2.99---100% of the proceeds go to charity
The Man in the Moon (Trade Paperback) $6.99---50% of the proceeds go to charity
Watched (Trade Paperback) $6.99---50% of the proceeds go to charity
Time Warriors: Induction (Trade Paperback) $6.99--50% of proceeds go to charity

**Remember that Hippocampus is available in eBook formats only but we designed a way to sell the eBook at Book 'Em.  And that means more book events are possible with the eBooks as well!!  Stay tuned!!!**

Update on the Revolution--Week 3

I'm still progressing slowly on Echinodea.  I'm really hoping to pick up the pace this coming week.  I did write more than the previous week so I hope that trend continues.

Currently Writing: Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution)--started in June 2011

Chapters Completed: 7 (1 chapter written this week)

Total Word Count at the Moment: 19,712 words (average of 2,816 words per chapter) 1,487 words this week

Number of Pages (Normal word doc pages single spaced): 64 pages 4 pages added this week

Estimated Percentage of the Book Completed: 28%

Expected Completion Date: Late December 2011

Current Goals for Completed Book: 27 chapters; approx. 70,000 words; approx. 232 single spaced normal word doc pages


I stumbled across an interview I did in November 2008 and it brought back memories so I wanted to share. The interview was on The Odd Mind and runs a little over an hour. At the time, I was promoting Watched which was the second Lindsey Scott Thrillstery but I discussed the other series as well (minus The Atlantis Revolution because I didn't have that idea at the time). I found it interesting listening to my thoughts from back then and seeing how they changed to now.

Listen to internet radio with The Odd Mind on Blog Talk Radio

Update on the Revolution--Week 2

This week was a slow week. I started a grad class and that changed my writing schedule which ruined my flow. I'm hoping to make up for it in the next week so I have some bigger progress to post.  I did edit about half of "Hippocampus" (2nd to last edit) this week as well so I did make progress on the series (just not writing).  

Currently Writing: Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution)--started in June 2011

Chapters Completed: 6  1/4 (1/4 chapter written this week)

Total Word Count at the Moment: 18,225 words (average of 2,916 words per chapter) under 1,000 words this week

Number of Pages (Normal word doc pages single spaced): 60 pages   less than 2 pages added this week

Estimated Percentage of the Book Completed: 25%

Expected Completion Date: Late December 2011

Current Goals for Completed Book: 27 chapters; approx. 70,000 words; approx. 232 single spaced normal word doc pages

Just for fun...

I discovered xtranormal.com while taking my current grad class. I'm going to use it for my science classes this year but I thought I'd practice, and have a little fun, using one of the characters from my books. I hope you enjoy.

And just a disclaimer: Xtranormal does not in any way endorse me or my books. This was just a fun project to practice with their software.

My Writing Playlist

People are curious about an author's playlist (the music they write to). I know I always want to find out what other authors use when they write. I only write to soundtrack music. I really like the soundtracks to The Chronicles of Narnia movies, The Dark Knight, and Avatar. In addition, I use trailer music when writing as well. Groups like Audiomachine and Two Steps To Hell create perfect music to get my ideas flowing. I am putting together a playlist of my writing music on Youtube (it's no where near complete but I'll continue to update) and I thought I'd post it so everyone can see what I listen to when I write.

So writers, what do you listen to when you write? And readers, what do you listen to when you read? What do you think about my playlist?

Issuse with Site Drop Down Menu and Twitter Box

It has come to my attention that the drop down menu at the top of the page is not working properly for some people. I believe this has something to do with Internet Explorer. I'm working to figure out a solution. In the meantime, if you have the option, use Firefox or Safari (since the menu seems to function properly on those browsers).

I'm also looking into an issue with the Twitter Followers Box not displaying any more. It was working as of this morning but now is not functioning properly (on any of the browsers I tried). I'm looking into this as well.

The site is newly designed and I'm working out the issues as they present themselves. You can help me out by letting me know if any other issues present themselves or if you have a solution to any issues. Leave a comment or email tomtancin@gmail.com. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we get this site functioning properly.

Website is live

The redesign of Tom Tancin.com is now live. While some improvements will be made over the next few weeks, this is the basic design of the new site. This site puts Tom's blog posts front and center, let's you "tweet" and "like" the various posts/pages, makes it easy to connect Tom's books to your Goodreads shelves, and gives you the opportunity to connect and socialize with other vistors and readers.

Have an idea of how the site can be improved? Want to see a feature added? Leave us a comment in this post.

Update on the Revolution

Each week I will post updates about my writing of The Atlantis Revolution. This way you can keep up with how I'm progressing with the series.

Currently Writing: Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution)--started in June 2011

Chapters Completed: 6

Total Word Count at the Moment: 17,510 words (average of 2,918 words per chapter)

Number of Pages (Normal word doc pages single spaced): 58 pages

Estimated Percentage of the Book Completed
: 25%

Expected Completion Date: Late December 2011

Current Goals for Completed Book: 27 chapters; approx. 70,000 words; approx. 232 single spaced normal word doc pages

Go Planet!!!

Captain Planet Live Action Movie in the Works!!! Captain Planet is in the top 3 of my favorite childhood shows. All I can say is..."Go Planet!!!"

Hunger Games Movie

Definitely one of (if not my absolute) favorite book series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, is being adapted for film.  Hopefully they do the books justice.  I'm impressed with the majority of the casting for the movie and I'm glad that Suzanne Collins was a crucial piece to the screen writing process.  So they have two things going for them in my mind.  And today they released the animated movie poster and countdown widget.  Now they have 4 things going for them! 

Check it out at www.thehungergamesmovie.com

Help Me Brand the Revolution

When I decided to re-enter the publishing world (after a 2 year hiatus), I came to terms with the fact that I was heading right back into branding myself and my books.  Creating a brand is something I did back in 2006-2008 when I self-published the Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries.  I spent countless hours learning how to create a brand and then designed my websites, t-shirts, book covers, ads, bookmarks, book lights, give-aways, posters, and banners---yes, I did all of that by myself (I was, and still am, a one man show). 

So here I am, preparing to release Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution) in eBook formats in June 2012.  I'm back to where I was in 2006 when I first started building the hype for The Man in the Moon (which I consider that branding attempt successful).  Only this time, since I'm publishing eBooks, I need to capitalize on social networks and technology. 

I thought that my first official blog of the REVOLUTION should document the plans (as of now) for branding myself as a young adult fantasy author and the new series, The Atlantis Revolution

1.  "Revolutionizing" TomTancin.com with a brand new, sleek, smooth, and interesting design.  That also includes incorporating social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads (since it is for readers).

2.  Building the brand on Facebook with the group The Atlantis Revolution.  NOTE: This is in very early stages of planning and implementing!

3.  Connecting with readers, writers, reviewers, and book lovers on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

4.  Sending eBook copies of Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution) out to reviewers sometime in early 2012. 

5.  Designing a website for The Atlantis Revolution series. 

6.  Considering give-aways and other contests to promote Hippocampus.

7.  Designing ads to run on young adult book websites.

As I said, I'm still early in the branding phase and have a lot to do and add.  This means that I'll experience the same challenge, fun, excitement, and frustration that I did a few years ago.  And after over 2 years of being away, I'm ready for it!

**So tell me---What do you want to see as part of my brand?

Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution)

Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution)--4/3/2012

Hippocampus was a 2010 Editor's Choice and Semi-Finalist in the 2010 Textnovel.com Contest! It was also a top 150 book on Inkpop.com in 2010.

An Island that Shouldn't Exist...
A Life He Didn't Know...
A Destiny That Can't Be Escaped

There was no turning back.  We were going to set into motion a revolution that could either save Atlantis or leave it destroyed in the process.

Sixteen-year-old Trey Atlas' known life is a lie.  While he was raised in Miami, Trey was actually born in Atlantis.  Sent off the legendary island as a baby for his own safety, Trey is the only living heir to the Atlantean throne.  Whether he likes it or not, Trey has to go back to his birthplace and accept his role as the Ruling Prince and lead the revolution to defeat the Knights of the Abyss.  Otherwise, thousands of innocent lives and his true family legacy could be lost forever.

Hippocampus Rights:
United States (English--Worldwide)--Independently Published
Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesian--Worldwide)--Mizan

Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution)

Reviews of Hippocampus

"Tom Tancin takes the myth of Atlantis and gives it a modern twist, creating a fresh and exciting adventure story. Action, mystery, magic, adventure and suspense fill the pages of Hippocampus."
-Treasured Tales for Young Adults

"Spectacular, Adventurous, and Magical...5 out of 5 Stars".
-The BookShelf Review

"Watch out Harry Potter, here comes Trey Atlas. An imaginative beginning of what could become the next YA epic series."
-Kidd1 on Authonomy.com

"This is fantastic. It's faintly reminiscent of Percy Jackson, but somehow punchier and more immediate. I definitely think this has got what it takes to take the market by storm. Fabulous work."
-A Knight on authonomy.com

Great premise for a broad legendary canvas- there's nothing like a lost civilisation to fire the imagination.. The writing is solid, flowing and sharp. the characters are crafted well and people you want to journey with.
-Owen Quinn on authonomy.com

What great characters, written into a highly imaginative storyline. Very much like the contrast you build between Trey's world and the beginning it makes the crossing over very powerful. Great story well told.
-Famlavan on authonomy.com

This is a fantastic reworking of ancient themes and modern interests.
-Jane Bain on authonomy.com

I love the world you've created. Your writing is descriptive, clear, and to the point. Excellent imagination. Being a writer of fantasy/sci fi myself, I try to read and support as many well written ones on this site that I can. I hope this work does well and people give it a chance.
-Natalie Jones on authonomy.com

It's easy to understand why this is getting strong support from young readers. The swashbuckling Knights take on a sorceress and her love, battling to his death and her escape. Such bitter tragedy leaves so many possibilities for fair Aerian. And then, the plan is added. Brilliant.
-Star Gazer on inkpop.com

What an original, well-crafted story! You must read a great deal of myth and old-world stories, as much as new-age ones, to combine the two themes to make your great tale. You write everything well, from dialogue to the paragraphs surrounding it / drawing it all together.
-Kevin Wong on inkpop.com

Your premise is so incredibly unique and your writing is generally strong as well. this is a really clever and original book. you have plenty of great things going for you here. I like your characters, especially Aerian (beautiful name btw) This was a great read.
-Carrie L McRae on inkpop.com

Great story! I love the quick pace and all the action.
-Jason Hewett on textnovel.com

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Atlantis Revolution Book Three

Current Stage: Writing

Writing Started:  8/3/2012
Expected Completion:  Summer 2013 (June or July)

Expected Publication Date:  Spring / Summer 2014

Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution)

Echinodea (The Second Book of the Atlantis Revolution)--4/2/2013

A Magical Lantern That Could Reveal Atlantis...
A Family He Knows Nothing About...
A Secret That Could Steal His Throne

The Knights of the Abyss are still causing chaos in Atlantis.  They threatened that if Trey Atlas doesn't relinquish his throne, they'll light the Echinodea--a magical lantern that could expose the island to the entire world.  But if Trey steps down, the Knights would take over Atlantis and destroy everything it stands for; including erasing Trey's mysterious past.  So there's only one option--get to the Echinodea before the Knights of the Abyss.  

While on their search for the Echinodea, Trey and his Royal Court meet someone who claims to have the information Trey seeks about his biological family.  But the key to the mystery isn't what he hoped it would be.  It turns out that the secret in Trey's blood could steal the very throne he fights to protect.

All Will Be Revealed...April 2, 2013


Original Publicaton Date:  2006
New Publication Date:  TBD

Cat's Meow

    When the secret couple of Chase Civet, son of the Vice President, and Taylor Andrews, daughter of the Speaker of the House, get kidnapped during the 4th of July festivities at the Capitol, the top officials of the United States find themselves in negotiations with a criminal organization.  The Speaker of the House and Vice President, who are opposites on the political spectrum, put their differences aside and make their teenagers their focus.  They request the services of Lindsey Scott, the solver of the unsolvable, to find their teens and return them to safety.  Detective Scott finds herself traveling the streets of Washington to solve the case and she'll discover that this case really is the "Cat's Meow".

First Time in Print:  July 1, 2014


Lindsey Scott matches wits with a group of killers targeting webcammers.

Short Summary
     Lindsey Scott takes six months vacation from her stressful and grueling job.  But she never expected to face her scariest case while on vacation.  The 'solver of the unsolvable' is face to face with the task of raising her teenagers, something she avoided up to this point. 
      When a cohesive group of killers starts to target webcammers, she'll have to cut her vacation short, really short.  Lindsey is on the case trying to track down multiple killers with unique personalities yet one common link.  Tracking down killers, especially when you don't know how many there are, is not an easy task. 
      Pressure adds as bodies continue to turn up across the country on practically a daily basis.  And when Lindsey finally gets the upper hand, one of the killers targets her fifteen year old son. 

Original Publicaton:  November 2008

New Publication:

The Man in the Moon

Lindsey Scott tracks a serial killer that murders college couples under full moon.

Short Description
A small, college town terrorized by the murder of college couples calls on the services of Lindsey Scott.  Scott is dubbed the 'solver of the unsolvable' and is a legend in law enforcement.  Following the clues, Lindsey discovers that the serial killer is obsessed with the moon.  Calling himself the 'Man in the Moon', the killer is just as mysterious as the symbol.  With twenty college kids murdered, Lindsey must use all of the clues and her skills as a crime solver to demystify the Man in the Moon, and prevent him from killing again. 

Original Publication:  November 2007

eBook Available Now ($0.99)
Buy for Kindle
Buy for Nook

Time Warriors: Resolution

Time Warriors: Division

About the Time Warriors Legacy

Legacy Summary

Would you risk everything to be the first to time travel? The United States made a choice that led them down a dark road. It was a road from which they could never return. This is that story.

Dreams came true and history was made when four young adults became the first humans to set foot in time. Those four individuals got inducted as the Time Warriors and made it their goal to regulate and protect time travel. The world rallied behind the young heroes and worshiped them like movie stars.

Crime in time increased causing the team to expand. And when no one expected it, the heroes lives were turned upside down. The leadership was challenged and the team divided. A conspiracy came to light and dreams turned to nightmares. The heroes became criminals. A resolution was made and a battle was fought. Lives were lost; a legacy was born.

This is the legacy of the Time Warriors. Read about the first seven years of the United States Department of Time Travel. Experience the good times and the bad. This is a story of friendship, survival, and finding the strength to fight for what you believe in.

History of the Legacy

The first ideas for the Time Warriors Legacy were developed by Tom Tancin and Chris Wolf in 1997 when they were just 13 years old.  The boys started writing a book after being challenged by their 7th grade English teacher.  They spent the next 5 years expanding on their ideas and by the time they graduated in 2002 they had completed 2 books.  After graduation, as they left the sheltered environment of high school, they gave the series a dark twist.  And from there, 2 more books were completed.  The series took the friends 10 years to complete.  Induction (the first book) was released in June 2009 but due to the passing of Tom's father, the series was put on hold and never returned to publication. 

Future Publication Dates of the Series:  TBD

Time Warriors: Expansion

"Would you tell the president that he has to wait to meet with the UN?  Im sorry Mr. President but I have to talk to my team first.  They are the center of the world you know."  -TJ

The Time Warriors proved themselves to the United States. They are indeed the new breed of heroes everyone was waiting for.  But now that time travel is growing in popularity, so are the problems.  As the team's responsibilities increase, so does the stress.  Four members just aren't enough.  The Time Warriors are due for an EXPANSION---a global one.

Mission 4:  Armies of the Zodiac
The Time Warriors quickly learn that heroes can never rest.  A universal force is about to unleash its fury on planet Earth and only TIME can tell how to stop it from destroying the planet.  An ancient structure will guide the Warriors into battle with twelve extraterrestrial armies.  The only problems is, the team has only twelve days to defeat the armies or the Earth will fall to the force. 

Mission 5:  Return to Paradise
TJ and Heather take some time away from the team to raise their newborn daughter.  The two newest members want to know how the team began and, when Chris and Krissy explain the story of their first mission, the two new members ask to go to 'paradise'.  Against their own better judgment, Chris and Krissy agree and they return to the place where it all started.

Mission 6:  The Elements
A psychic with a connection to the four natural elements teams with the followers of Master of Time.  Their goal is to destroy those who protect time.  And it becomes even more personal when TJ and Heather's daughter is kidnapped by the group.  The team begins a quest to crack the mystery of the four elements and learn how to use them to stop Karma. 

Author Access Past Events


Events Tom took part in will be archived on this page

Author Access Schedule


February 2012
2/25---Book 'Em North Carolina---Lumberton, NC---9:30 AM-4 PM

March 2012

April 2012

May 2012

June 2012

July 2012

August 2012

September 2012

Questions for Tom

Leave your questions for Tom in the comments of this post and he'll do his best to answer all of them.


Dismantled (A YA Post-Apocalyptic Novel)--Work in Progress--Follow and Read for Free on Textnovel

The Havens did what they were designed to do. The energy-shielded cities perpetuated the human race 500 years past the end of the world. But now that the Havens’ shields are dismantled, different cultures are interacting for the first time in half a millenium. With each Haven having different needs and resources, Inter-Haven trading is becoming increasingly popular.

Malik is the Prince of Babylon, the first--and most successful--Haven created. Zayn is the Prince of Rome--a Haven with a strong military but diminishing resources. Calysta is the Princess of Athens--a Haven struggling to become a world power equal to the other two. While the three Havens find it difficult to coexist the three teens find friendship in each other.

When Athens betroths Calysta to Zayn in a gesture to form an alliance with Rome, Babylon has good reason to be worried. Except, no one factored Malik into the equation. As the three Havens prepare for battle the teens must cope with friendship, love, and impending war. Each of them also faces tough choices. Choices that could leave their friendships and civilizations...   Dismantled.

Dismanteld is a YA novel written in short chapters with three alternating perspectives. It is character driven--focused on three teenagers (each from a different Haven) that must deal with culture clashes, the fear of impending war, the difficulties of friendship, and the pains of forbidden love.

Dismantled is a work in progress and can be followed on Textnovel.com.  Because it's a work in progress, spelling, grammar, and other mistakes are highly likely.  Major revisions/editing will follow should the book be considered for official release.  Be sure to vote and comment on the story.  Textnovel also has an app in the apple store called eMobo which allows you to follow stories on Textnovel.

Time Warriors: Induction

"Time.  What is time?  Is it just a creation of man?  And if it is, can we alter it?  And if we can alter it, can we control it?" 
-Dr. Johnson, Creator of Time Machine

What if you were responsible for protecting all of time? Four young adults are given that task after the government creates a time machine. They embark on an adventure so great, it will change their lives forever. Join them as they get INDUCTED as the Time Warriors and become the new breed of heroes the world so desperately needs.

Mission 1: The Experiment
      When the US government creates a time machine, it is up to four young adults, just out of high school, to test it.   The opportunity of a lifetime leads them to a prehistoric paradise and they must fight to survive both the age of reptiles and an opposing team set on taking their jobs.   

Mission 2: The Secret of Atlantis
       Now that time travel is tested and deemed safe, the government opens time travel to the  public.  They also put the newly formed Time Warriors in charge of regulating and protecting time travel.  A group of criminals sets out to steal the secret of Atlantis and the inexperienced heroes are all that stand in the way. 

Mission 3:  The Master of Time
       Somebody knows too much.  It soon becomes clear that a very intelligent individual is trying to use time travel to take over the world.  With two members of the team already walking away, an important lesson is going to be taught to the young heroes.  In order to succeed, they have to live by the famous "all or none".