October Writing Challenge

Shannon Delany (author of 13 to Life series) is starting the October Writing Challenge tomorrow. I'm in. I'm trying to hit 1,000 words a day the entire month (for a total of 31,000 words). In the 6 years I've been teaching, I've NEVER been able to hit 1,000 words a day or even 10,000 words a month (during the school year) so this will be a huge task but it's worth attempting. I'll be working on he third book in The Atlantis Revolution and if I meet the goal, I'll be nearly halfway finished with the book by the end of October. I'll keep you updated on the progress (hopefully each day). The first day I'm able to double the goal and hit 2,000 words in a day, I'll celebrate by releasing the title of third book. That's incentive for me because I really want to share the title and incentive for you to encourage me!

Hippocampus is just $0.99 (and a Contest too)!!

To celebrate 6 months until the release of Echinodea (The Second Book of the Atlantis Revolution) goes on sale--4/2/2012--, Hippocampus is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon for just $0.99.  This is a great opportunity to read the first book in the YA fantasy trilogy, The Atlantis Revolution. 

Share this information on Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs, etc. and then come back here and tell me how you shared it.  I'll enter you into a contest to win an eARC of Echinodea.  In fact, I'm giving away 1 eARC of Echinodea for every 5 people that share about Hippocampus being $0.99.  That's really great odds!!  Make sure to comment here, on my facebook, or email me at tomtancin@gmail.com to tell me how you shared the info so I can enter you in the contest.  Contest ends 11/2/2012. 

Hippocampus is On Sale in Indonesia!!

Mizan, the Indonesian Publisher of Hippocampus,  finished the translation and publication process and put Hippocampus on sale in September 2012.  Below you can see their cover for the book.  I can't wait to see it in print (they're sending me 2 complimentary copies).