Mnemosunero (Chapter One of Hippocampus)

Royal Palace – Atlantis
      Aerian woke with a gasping breath. Her face, drained of all color, contrasted her sweat matted black hair and gray robes. If her dream was true, something that had been predicted eleven thousand years ago was in progress. She listened to the world around her to figure out if she should believe the dream that woke her. But, being deep in the heart of the palace basement, she didn't hear anything at all.

Aruc's Prophecy for the Atlantis Revolution

Atlantis exists. Of course, you don't know this because it's hidden from our world. Eleven thousand years ago, the Greeks and Egyptians attacked Atlantis. In order to protect the island, Aruc, a sorcerer, created an illusion of the island sinking and then put a barrier in place to prevent outsiders from seeing or gaining access to Atlantis. But Aruc knew that the isolated island was not safe forever. In fact, he cast the very prophecy that predicted the bleak future of the island. His prophecy became known as Profiteia ek Epanastasi.

From Blood of Evil and Blood of True
A Boy is Born and this Prophecy Due
For When the Abyss Rises to Make Its Mark
The Savior is the Boy with Royal Blood Half Dark

The sorcerer then designed a plan that would ensure the survival of the island he loved. For thousands of years, Atlantis continued in peace and prosperity with no need for the plan.
Sixteen years ago, the Prince foreseen in Aruc's prophecy was born. Familiar with the Prophecy, and knowing that one day the boy would be needed to save Atlantis, the royal family sent the baby off the island to ensure his safety in the world outside Atlantis. Eleven thousand years after it was created, Aruc's plan was finally put in motion.

The Atlantis Revolution begins…

First Taste of Hippocampus

I'm posting this to tell you that Chapter One of Hippocampus will be posted right here on my site on October 26, 2011.  That's 8 months before the official release date of June 26, 2012.  Hope to see you back here on 10/26 for your first taste of Hippocampus!

A Few Updates!

First of all, I'm sick AGAIN!  The worst part about being sick is that it's drastically impacting my progress/work on The Atlantis Revolution.  When I'm sick, I don't feel like being creative so everything goes on hold.  I'm hoping I shake this one soon so that I can get back to work.

That being said, I ordered another 5 copies of Hippocampus.  These 5 are going out to people I personally know so that they can read, edit, and give me feedback.  This is the true test of Hippocampus.  Let's see how they like it!  I'll let you know.

Once I get feedback, I'll make any necessary/appropriate changes and then I'll send out review copies and have copies available for my students to read.  That will be the second test! 

The exciting part is starting...people are actually going to read the book.  

Paperback of Hippocampus!

I recently received the first ever paperback copy of Hippocampus.  The text on the right side of the front cover needs to be edited, but other than that it's perfect.  Remember that Hippocampus will be available for eReaders (nook, kindle, iPad, etc).  However, it will also be available as an exclusive paperback edition at an online printer (not on B&N or Amazon).  I will fill in details later but you will be able to get the paperback copy if you want it.  And it will only cost you about $8.99 plus tax & shipping.  Here are the pics of the first paperback copy ever: