Why "Echinodea"?

I know Echinodea is a strang--let's go with unique--title for a book.  Here are some facts about Echinodea so you understand where the title comes from: 

1)  Pronounced  "Eh-Kine-Oh-Dee-Ah"

2)  Based on the word "Echinoidea"--which is the class under Phylum Echinodermata that contains sea urchins

3)  Class Echinoidea was chosen as the base because of Aristotle's Lantern (a sea urchin) fits into this category and the book's plot is centered around a starfish-shaped lantern that--if lit--would expose Atlantis to the world.

4)  Echinodea also refers to the starfish symbol that is tattooed on Atlantean elites.


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