Time Warriors: Induction

"Time.  What is time?  Is it just a creation of man?  And if it is, can we alter it?  And if we can alter it, can we control it?" 
-Dr. Johnson, Creator of Time Machine

What if you were responsible for protecting all of time? Four young adults are given that task after the government creates a time machine. They embark on an adventure so great, it will change their lives forever. Join them as they get INDUCTED as the Time Warriors and become the new breed of heroes the world so desperately needs.

Mission 1: The Experiment
      When the US government creates a time machine, it is up to four young adults, just out of high school, to test it.   The opportunity of a lifetime leads them to a prehistoric paradise and they must fight to survive both the age of reptiles and an opposing team set on taking their jobs.   

Mission 2: The Secret of Atlantis
       Now that time travel is tested and deemed safe, the government opens time travel to the  public.  They also put the newly formed Time Warriors in charge of regulating and protecting time travel.  A group of criminals sets out to steal the secret of Atlantis and the inexperienced heroes are all that stand in the way. 

Mission 3:  The Master of Time
       Somebody knows too much.  It soon becomes clear that a very intelligent individual is trying to use time travel to take over the world.  With two members of the team already walking away, an important lesson is going to be taught to the young heroes.  In order to succeed, they have to live by the famous "all or none".