Lindsey Scott matches wits with a group of killers targeting webcammers.

Short Summary
     Lindsey Scott takes six months vacation from her stressful and grueling job.  But she never expected to face her scariest case while on vacation.  The 'solver of the unsolvable' is face to face with the task of raising her teenagers, something she avoided up to this point. 
      When a cohesive group of killers starts to target webcammers, she'll have to cut her vacation short, really short.  Lindsey is on the case trying to track down multiple killers with unique personalities yet one common link.  Tracking down killers, especially when you don't know how many there are, is not an easy task. 
      Pressure adds as bodies continue to turn up across the country on practically a daily basis.  And when Lindsey finally gets the upper hand, one of the killers targets her fifteen year old son. 

Original Publicaton:  November 2008

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