Tom answers questions that are usually asked of authors.  Have a question for Tom?  Post it in a comment and he'll try to answer it.  It might even get added to the questions on this page.  

The Atlantis Revolution

Q:  Where did you get the strange titles (Hippocampus, Echinodea) for The Atlantis Revolution books?

A:  Well, the series was originally entitled the "Trey Atlas Series" and the first book (now known as "Hippocampus" was entitled "Trey Atlas and the Key to the Kingdom".  I really didn't care for that name and so as I wrote the first book, I tried to pull titles from within the writing.  "Hippocampus" comes directly from the writing and, believe it or not, encompasses everything the book is about.  You'll have to read the book to find out how it relates but trust me it does.  By the way, "Hippocampus" is the genus name for the seahorse and it's also a structure of the brain involved in memory and more.  

As for "Echinodea", once I had "Hippocampus" I stayed with scientific names of marine animals (it's the science teacher in me).  I have the titles of all four books in the series (and surprising they fit).  No I won't share!  And they're not strange---they're unique!!

Q:  How many books will there be in The Atlantis Revolution?

A:  My current plan is for four books (all of which are planned out).  I want to see how the four books play out and if there is a demand for more before deciding if the series ends after number four.

Q:  Where do you get your character names?

A:  One of my favorite parts of writing is developing the characters I write about.  I spend a lot of time choosing names for my characters before they ever enter the page.  Most of the names I choose are based on the meaning of the name and their role/significance in the book/series.  I won't go into detail about each character and why I named them that but you could always do a little research on your own.  I will tell you that Trey's name (full name Treyton) came because I was originally writing a spinoff book from my Time Warriors Legacy entitled Triton--an Atlantean in the TW Legacy.  That book idea morphed into The Atlantis Revolution and so I morphed Triton's name into Treyton (Trey). 

Q:  Where did you get the ideas for The Atlantis Revolution?

A:  I started writing when I was 13 years old.  In 7th grade, I met my best friend and we spent about 7 years writing a young adult science-fiction/adventure series called The Time Warriors Legacy.  In that series, the Time Warriors go to Atlantis (I was always fascinated with the myth of Atlantis) and meet a boy named Triton.  After I completed The Time Warriors Legacy, I started developing a spin-off book about Triton.  However, during that process, I started to get new ideas for plots that wouldn't fit in the book.  And then, in 2009, over a just a few weeks, an entire series about Atlantis presented itself to me.  Yes, ideas present themselves to me---in dreams, day dreams, and random thoughts while questioning the world.

Q:  Will there ever be a movie based on The Atlantis Revolution?

A:  I hope so but there are no plans at the moment.

Other Books

Q:  Will you release any of your other books?  (Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries, Time Warriors Legacy, Perfection)

A:  Maybe.  Right now I'm putting 110% into The Atlantis Revolution.  Perhaps, when I'm finished with The Atlantis Revolution, I'll consider the others. 

Q:  Will you write any other Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries?

A:  I really enjoyed writing The Man in the Moon and Watched.  But as I said above, I'm focused on The Atlantis Revolution and YA fiction at the moment.  While Lindsey Scott is on the back burner for now, never say never.

Q:  How many Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries did you write?

A:  Two completed (The Man in the Moon and Watched) and one partial (Cat's Meow)

Q:  How many books are in your Time Warriors Legacy?  Is the series finished?

A:  Four.  And yes, the entire series is written.

Q:  Do you have any books outside of the three series (Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries, Time Warriors Legacy, and Atlantis Revolution)?

A:  One.  A science-fiction book entitled Perfection.

Q:  Are you always planning new books/series?

A:  Yes.  Always.  I have lots of ideas in my head waiting to get on paper.  I'll work on them when I'm done with The Atlantis Revolution


Q:  Are you going to do a book tour for The Atlantis Revolution?

A:  Short Answer---Yes.  Longer Answer---Since The Atlantis Revolution consists of eBooks only, the events will have to be well thought out and I'm not sure what that means yet.  Check the events page often to see what ends up being part of the tour.

Q:  Can I interview you?

A:  I'd be honored.  Send a request to tomtancin@gmail.com

Q:  Can you send me an ARC of Hippocampus?

A:  If you have a blog/site for YA book reviews and an eReader, I'd be happy to consider sending you an ARC of Hippocampus.  Send a request to tomtancin@gmail.com


Q:  How long have you been writing?

A:  I started writing in 1997 when I was 13 years old and in 7th grade. 

Q:  Can you describe your writing process?

A:  Oh, this could be a really long answer.  The writing process is different for me for each book.  I usually outline.  I usually don't stick to the outline.  I usually plan out a series in advance.  I usually don't stick to the series plan.  I just write and let the characters and plot take me on the journey.  Yes, I act like my characters are real!  

Q:  When do you write?

A:  Whenever I have a chance.  Mostly in the summer, on the weekends, and on holiday breaks.  My teaching career keeps me pretty busy the rest of the time.  And I write best from 10 PM to 4 AM.

Q:  Do you write on the computer or long hand?

A:  I always write on the computer or iPad.  Long hand is too slow to keep up with my thoughts.

Q:  Can you give me advice on writing?

A:  Write as much as you can.  And more importantly---ENJOY IT!!!

Q:  Can you read my book/story/etc?

A:  No, sorry. 


Q:  Will you answer my question?

A:  Possibly.  Leave it in the comments section of this post.