The Atlantis Revolution

Series Summary
One scream heard in the water.
One vision of a city burning in the pool.
One necklace that can't be discarded.
One moment changed Trey Atlas' life.  Forever.

In Miami, Trey Atlas is the boy that just lost everything.  In Atlantis, he's the prince and savior the island needs.  But balancing his new life with his old one isn't his only problem.  The island that holds the key to his past is on the verge of self-destruction.

The Knights of the Abyss want him dead.  His biological family is a mystery.  And there are secrets that could steal his throne and ruin Atlantis.  In order to survive, Trey has to figure out the truth in a world that's been hiding it for 12,000 years.

The Epic Fantasy trilogy from Tom Tancin That's Been Called:

Spectacular, adventurous, and magical.
A combination of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Eragon.
A full on adventure.
The old Indiana Jones' movies mixed with Harry Potter.
A fresh and exciting adventure.
Highly imaginative.
Incredibly unique.

Book One--Hippocampus (April 3, 2012)
Book Two--Echinodea (April 2, 2013)
Book Three--Medousa (April 1, 2014)