First Poster for The Atlantis Revolution and Other Updates

Things are really busy for me.  I finished another edit of Hippocampus.  I have at least one more edit to do before publication in June.  I'm now formatting the book into paperback format so I can print some ARCS and distribute to bloggers and others for reviews.  I should have the paperback format ready by the end of this week and then I plan to start sending to reviewers in December or January.  

I also wrote the very last scene for Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution).  But that doesn't mean I'm finished with the sequel (I'm actually only around 1/2 way finished).  I had inspiration to write the final scene so I did.  Now the interesting part will be to see if it remains the final scene when the book is finished.  I usually reorder things so it may get moved.  

Also, there's more going on with The Atlantis Revolution that I can't talk about yet.  Hoping to share ASAP as it could be really HUGE.  Stay tuned!! 

Fighting a Cold, a Hurricane, and the Start of the School Year

Things have been hectic for me.  I started to overcome the power of the bacteria/viruses that took over my body for almost two weeks just in time for the start of the new school year.  Then Hurricane Irene made her presence known and delayed the opening of school for a day.  However, just as expected, the busy first week of school finally overwhelmed me and prevented me from posting. 

Basically, I haven't made any progress on Echinodea, book 2 of the Atlantis Revolution.  However, I'm editing Hippocampus and so I'm making some progress.  I'm also planning events, promotions, and advertisements.  So work is being done, even if it's a little less than I'd like. 

I think that's how it's going to be for the next 9 months or so.  I'll try to make as much progress as possible and post as often as possible but it might not be as often as you or I'd like.  Know this, just because I'm not active on here, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc doesn't mean I'm not working on The Atlantis Revolution.  I will be editing.  I will be writing (slowly).  I will be preparing for the major promotion to start in Spring 2012.  But I'll also be teaching, advising Science Olympiad, lesson planning, grading, running middle school dances, chaperoning dances, organizing field trips (hopefully), writing grants, and doing everything else that's part of my job as a middle school teacher. 

To say it short and to the point, I'll be busy.  So please be patient with me during this school year.  I will have preview chapters/promotions/events to discuss throughout the rest of this year and into 2012.  But it probably won't be on a regular basis.  Bear with me through the whirlwind.  Next summer will be worth the wait!