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The redesign of Tom is now live. While some improvements will be made over the next few weeks, this is the basic design of the new site. This site puts Tom's blog posts front and center, let's you "tweet" and "like" the various posts/pages, makes it easy to connect Tom's books to your Goodreads shelves, and gives you the opportunity to connect and socialize with other vistors and readers.

Have an idea of how the site can be improved? Want to see a feature added? Leave us a comment in this post.


Okay, I'm going to put this as a, I don't know, 50/50 chance you'll ever read this. It's Walter! That should be pretty clear since this probably has my name on it.

Anyway, I've sort of checked on this site monthly since the end of seventh grade, less so over the past few months (have you any clue how long this thing has been down for development? Drove me nuts, it did), and now it's live?! This is awesome.

I guess I thought I'd post a comment because I've started a blog a few times and it seems like more often than not I give up because it just seems like I'm casting something out there and no one's reading it at all (note: 1. I don't think this here, what you've done, is just a blog; 2. I'm not sure if the no one's reading thing is valid because this site has been live for what, a day or so?) Besides, I like to comment.

This isn’t going to be very specific (note how it is after midnight), but I guess it’s a good rave. So, first off, I’ve noticed that I have this kind of uncanny talent for searching for something randomly just hours after an announcement is made about it. That happened with the Inheritance press release, the Human Centipede 2, and some other stuff. It’s just weird. I don’t know exactly why I’m mentioning it.

I was going through some of your posts so far and saw one that referenced the Hunger Games. I’m a big fan as well and wondered if you’d seen Some person is doing a mash-up of the two series and it’s getting big. Some of your posts seem to make me think you’re trying to build an online fan base, so this could be inspiration/something-to-look-at/damn-fun.

Regarding your publishing status (from your right sidebar it seems that you’ll be self-releasing the book on e-readers everywhere, so that’s what I’m running with), what if something comes along or whatnot? Are you going to go through with the whole series in that way or are you open to commercial publishing? (This is sort of a touchy subject for me after last April but the past is the past and it shouldn’t mean I can’t be an inquisitive fan.)

Anyhow, it’s awesome that I actually get to follow something local! Good luck with the books!



The site was down for months and the main reason was I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the books. I decided to venture into independent publishing again (in the form of eBooks this time) so I built the site around that idea. I definitely plan for this to be more than just a blog. The site has been live for, I guess, a day and a half now and I certainly hope it grows into something that people will read/interact with. I know that takes time though.

Hunger Games is definitely one of my favorite book series. I also really enjoyed the Harry Potter series. I heard of the pottergames but I haven't looked into it. I might check it out in the near future since I like both series.

As for the publishing status, I'm planning on releasing all 4 books as eBooks but I definitely wouldn't rule out commercial publishing. My decision was based on the fact that I saw a lot of authors were starting to focus on eBooks. I even noticed a few commercially published authors that didn't sign new deals with the publishers and instead ventured out to self-publish eBooks. So, after speaking with agents and reading up on the trends, I felt like eBook publishing was the way to go at this point.

We'll see how it works out and I'll decide the rest from there!

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