Help Spread the Revolution!

Do you know the #1 method for spreading the hype of a book?  The answer is--word of mouth.  Readers are absolutely crucial to the popularity of a book.  Not just because they buy the book (which us authors are forever grateful for) but because they talk to other readers and recommend it to them (something we're also grateful for).  So if you believe in The Atlantis Revolution, then help spread the Revolution by completing one, or a few, or all of the tasks below. 

1.  Tell a friend (or a few).  Tell them that a new YA fantasy is hitting the market.  Tell them it looks/is_______(insert adjective).  Tell them the reviews are fantastic!  Tell them to visit and for more info.  And if you've read the book, then tell them what you thought about it and convince them to read it too!

2.  Spread the Revolution on Social Networks.  Add Tom Tancin on Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads--See the Social Profiles' box on the right.  Then tweet, post on Facebook, add the cover image on Pinterest, put Hippocampus on your Goodreads' shelf, etc.  Or go to the Facebook profile for Tom Tancin (see the side box for social profiles) and share some of the things from the Facebook profile.  Use the cover, the ads, the characters, the trailer, etc to spread the word.

Change your profile pics, backgrounds, cover images, etc to the Hippocampus cover or images that promote The Atlantis Revolution.


This is the perfect size for the cover image on the new Facebook timeline.

3.  Buy, Read, Review.  The last part is very important.  Add a review (it can be short) to Goodreads, a blog, link it on twitter, and/or put it on the site where you bought the book (B&N, Amazon, Lulu).  Reviews are important so please make sure to explain what you liked (or didn't like) about the book.

4.  Add the sequels to your Goodreads list.  All of the sequels are already available on Goodreads.  And also vote for them in the "YA Novels of (Insert year 2013, 2014, 2015)" lists.  This a great way to increase the fan base of the entire series.

5.  Tell a student/librarian/teacher.  Hippocampus is very popular with the middle school students that read it so tell someone that is directly in contact with students. 

6.  And of course, send your thoughts/questions to Tom at or on Facebook, or via twitter @tomtancin.  And keep checking this site for updates on The Atlantis Revolution.