Hippocampus is just $0.99 (and a Contest too)!!

To celebrate 6 months until the release of Echinodea (The Second Book of the Atlantis Revolution) goes on sale--4/2/2012--, Hippocampus is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon for just $0.99.  This is a great opportunity to read the first book in the YA fantasy trilogy, The Atlantis Revolution. 

Share this information on Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs, etc. and then come back here and tell me how you shared it.  I'll enter you into a contest to win an eARC of Echinodea.  In fact, I'm giving away 1 eARC of Echinodea for every 5 people that share about Hippocampus being $0.99.  That's really great odds!!  Make sure to comment here, on my facebook, or email me at tomtancin@gmail.com to tell me how you shared the info so I can enter you in the contest.  Contest ends 11/2/2012. 


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