Hippocampus Release Week! (UPDATED)

After months of waiting, Hippocampus Release Week is finally here!  And there are some special events happening that you might want to check out.  Here's the schedule:

Monday 4/2--Hippocampus Book Trailer is the featured trailer on www.wovenmyst.com starting at 12 PM EST.

Tuesday 4/3--Hippocampus is officially on sale as an eBook at B&N and Amazon and as a paperback at Lulu.

Wednesday 4/4--Visit www.yabookscentral.com to see the Hippocampus trailer as the featured video.  Trailer will remain the featured video for most of April.  You should also check out wovenmyst.com where an advertisement for Hippocampus will be running on the first article each day for 2 weeks.

Thursday 4/5--Spread the Revolution Day!  Visit www.tomtancin.com and/or www.theatlantisrevolution.com to learn how you can help spread the Atlantis Revolution.

Friday 4/6--
Check out the interview Tom did with thebookshelfreview.blogspot.com