Help Me Brand the Revolution

When I decided to re-enter the publishing world (after a 2 year hiatus), I came to terms with the fact that I was heading right back into branding myself and my books.  Creating a brand is something I did back in 2006-2008 when I self-published the Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries.  I spent countless hours learning how to create a brand and then designed my websites, t-shirts, book covers, ads, bookmarks, book lights, give-aways, posters, and banners---yes, I did all of that by myself (I was, and still am, a one man show). 

So here I am, preparing to release Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution) in eBook formats in June 2012.  I'm back to where I was in 2006 when I first started building the hype for The Man in the Moon (which I consider that branding attempt successful).  Only this time, since I'm publishing eBooks, I need to capitalize on social networks and technology. 

I thought that my first official blog of the REVOLUTION should document the plans (as of now) for branding myself as a young adult fantasy author and the new series, The Atlantis Revolution

1.  "Revolutionizing" with a brand new, sleek, smooth, and interesting design.  That also includes incorporating social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads (since it is for readers).

2.  Building the brand on Facebook with the group The Atlantis Revolution.  NOTE: This is in very early stages of planning and implementing!

3.  Connecting with readers, writers, reviewers, and book lovers on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

4.  Sending eBook copies of Hippocampus (Book One of the Atlantis Revolution) out to reviewers sometime in early 2012. 

5.  Designing a website for The Atlantis Revolution series. 

6.  Considering give-aways and other contests to promote Hippocampus.

7.  Designing ads to run on young adult book websites.

As I said, I'm still early in the branding phase and have a lot to do and add.  This means that I'll experience the same challenge, fun, excitement, and frustration that I did a few years ago.  And after over 2 years of being away, I'm ready for it!

**So tell me---What do you want to see as part of my brand?


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