The Origins of the Revolution: Part II (2009)

I was searching through my old book files looking for a specific file but I came across some interesting items and I was reminded of how long I've been developing the concepts that we now call The Atlantis Revolution.  I figured it would be interesting to share the development of the series with everyone so I'm going to chronicle the growth of the series in multiple blog posts.  Here's some idea of how the series that will see it's first book reach the market on April 3, 2012 came to be.

2009-  Between 2005 and 2009, I took time away from Triton and wrote three other books (Perfection, The Man in the Moon, and Watched).  In the summer of 2009, I returned to the concept of Atlantis and I also created the character that would drive The Atlantis Revolution.  Trey Atlas was born.  He was cocky and arrogant and not that likeable but the base of his character still remains in the story today.  I also wrote the first version of the manuscript that would become Hippocampus that summer.  The first version was entitled Trey Atlas and the Key to the Kingdom.  Here's an early look at a sketch of Trey Atlas by CJ Howlett:

And here's the beginning of the earliest manuscript featuring Trey Atlas I could find.  Please note that this is not the version that will be released (Trey's character is not as cocky as he was in this early version).

So I bet you think you're going to read about another poor sap that has nothing going for him. You probably think I'm just another nobody turned hero with a story to tell. Think about it, so many stories these days are about kids with the worst luck in the world. They are orphaned, have only a few friends, the subject of ridicule by the popular crowd, and they can't manage to please anyone.
Then all of a sudden, they magically find themselves thrust into a huge dilemma of epic proportions. They manage to find a hidden power, or powers, deep down in themselves and use it to save the day. Suddenly they are heroes. And their lives are never the same. In fact, they probably go on numerous other quests to save the world from disaster. Aren't you sick of that?
Well, I'm going to tell you flat out, that's not me. I'm Trey Atlas and I'm the complete opposite of those poor saps turned heroes. I actually have a really nice life going for me. I'm a good-looking guy; ask any of the girls in my classes.
I have a smooth, model-worthy face, ocean blue eyes, and layered blond hair that I always style to look like I didn't spend anytime on it. In other words, I make it look messy.

It takes a lot of work to be me. I spend most of my life in the pool, the next majority working out at the gym, and the rest sleeping, showering, and picking out the newest fashion trends.
Did I mention that I'm a champion swimmer for our school? Well I am and our school worships swimming like most other schools worship football. That's probably because I'm the best swimmer in the state for three years running. I joined the varsity swim team in eighth grade. And I carry top grades to match. 
Before you ask, cause I know you're thinking it, yes my parents are rich. Dad's an influential lawyer on his way to political office and Mom's a leading archaeologist. They buy me all of the latest technology and must haves. Now that doesn't come without a price. My mom and dad are rarely around. But I don't really care because Maria, our housekeeper, is the best cook in the world. Plus, like I said before, I spend most of my time either in the pool or at the gym.

I'm very popular too. I have lots of friends from every clique imaginable. I don't have time for a girlfriend but if you were to observe me at school, you would always find me with a number of girls hanging around me. Who needs a girlfriend when you have a bunch of girl friends? 
So let me sell you myself in one sentence. I'm Trey Atlas and I have model looks, athletic talent, intelligence, a wealthy family, and a great personality. Hopefully, based on that, you can believe me when I say that I had everything going for me. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, it all changed. But before I start whining, which I can't stand, let me start at the beginning. 
This is the story of how my awesome life changed into a nightmare and how I got wrapped up in a fight to save a world that shouldn't have existed and forced to become a hero I didn't want to be. 

I know that if I didn't have that early version, I wouldn't have Hippocampus as it is today but I'm so glad that I developed it over the years.  

Stay tuned for more on the Origins of the Revolution...