My Writing Playlist

People are curious about an author's playlist (the music they write to). I know I always want to find out what other authors use when they write. I only write to soundtrack music. I really like the soundtracks to The Chronicles of Narnia movies, The Dark Knight, and Avatar. In addition, I use trailer music when writing as well. Groups like Audiomachine and Two Steps To Hell create perfect music to get my ideas flowing. I am putting together a playlist of my writing music on Youtube (it's no where near complete but I'll continue to update) and I thought I'd post it so everyone can see what I listen to when I write.

So writers, what do you listen to when you write? And readers, what do you listen to when you read? What do you think about my playlist?


Requiem For A Dream - Clint Mansell
Black Swan - Clint Mansell
Through the Window - James Horner
Inception - Hans Zimmers
Harry Potter - Alexandre Desplate & Nicholas Hooper
Gladiator - Hans Zimmer
Alice in Wonderland (2010) - Danny Elfman
Coraline - Bruno Coulais

It depends a lot on the day and what scene I'm writing.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Inception...I listen to Inception when I write as well. I need to add that to my playlist.

And I agree with you, it does depend on the day and scene. The music has to fit the tone of the scene.

I have a song for each of the chapters of my WiP (just something that goes with the ideas in the chapter and that I listen to when I'm thinking about writing) but I can't actually listen to anything when I write - too distracting. I do like the idea of soundtracks though, I might give that a go.

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