First Poster for The Atlantis Revolution and Other Updates

Things are really busy for me.  I finished another edit of Hippocampus.  I have at least one more edit to do before publication in June.  I'm now formatting the book into paperback format so I can print some ARCS and distribute to bloggers and others for reviews.  I should have the paperback format ready by the end of this week and then I plan to start sending to reviewers in December or January.  

I also wrote the very last scene for Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution).  But that doesn't mean I'm finished with the sequel (I'm actually only around 1/2 way finished).  I had inspiration to write the final scene so I did.  Now the interesting part will be to see if it remains the final scene when the book is finished.  I usually reorder things so it may get moved.  

Also, there's more going on with The Atlantis Revolution that I can't talk about yet.  Hoping to share ASAP as it could be really HUGE.  Stay tuned!!