The Origins of the Revolution: Part I (2005)

I was searching through my old book files looking for a specific file but I came across some interesting items and I was reminded of how long I've been developing the concepts that we now call The Atlantis Revolution.  I figured it would be interesting to share the development of the series with everyone so I'm going to chronicle the growth of the series in multiple blog posts.  Here's some idea of how the series that will see it's first book reach the market on April 3, 2012 came to be. 

2005-  I started working on a spinoff from the Time Warriors Legacy featuring the Atlantean character "Triton".  The book was entitled Triton and was to document his life and follow his quest to save the island.  Here's some early artwork I did back then for that book:

Notice the early version of the logo that now represents The Atlantis Revolution.  I'm amazed that I had that idea all the way back in 2005.

Stay tuned for more on the Origins of the Revolution...