Update on the Revolution

I'm writing again!  After many weeks of feeling ill and mentally drained, I'm back to writing strength again.  Lucky for me (and you if you're waiting for the second book...oh wait, never mind!)  I planned, plotted, outlined, and created characters during my down time and now it's full steam ahead with the story.  For those of you that haven't kept track, I'm currently writing Echinodea (Book Two of the Atlantis Revolution).

I wrote a fight scene on Sunday and now I'm working on a very important plot line to the series.  It's a piece crucial to the overall story of The Atlantis Revolution and I think it will be particularly interesting to readers.  I know I'm intrigued by the possibilities.

The goal is still to finish the first draft of Echinodea before Hippocampus hits the market (June 26, 2012).  Based on my current progress and the outlines in front of me, that's entirely possible (as long as I don't get sick and/or mentally drained again).  I'd be even happier if I meet that goal a few months ahead of schedule.


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