The Origins of Revolution: Part III (2010)

I was searching through my old book files looking for a specific file but I came across some interesting items and I was reminded of how long I've been developing the concepts that we now call The Atlantis Revolution.  I figured it would be interesting to share the development of the series with everyone so I'm going to chronicle the growth of the series in multiple blog posts.  Here's some idea of how the series that will see it's first book reach the market on April 3, 2012 came to be. 

2010-  By the end of 2009, I posted the early draft of the manuscript on  At the start of 2010, the was an editor's choice.  It would go on to become very popular on the site and ended up a semi-finalist in the 2010 Textnovel Contest.  Here's a promo image I used to promote the story on Textnovel:

As the book became more successful and I further developed the series, I reached out to Veronica Jones (an illustrator) to do some interior B&W images for the book (which will actually be in the paperback and .pdf versions of the book).  Thoroughly impressed, I asked her to do a character sketch for Trey Atlas.  Here's an image using that illustration to celebrate the success of the book on Textnovel:

At the same time, I started promoting the book on  The book also found great success on that site, making it into the top 150 books at one point.

With the success of the book on those sites increasing throughout 2010, I had a lot to think about.  And it just so happens that 2011 would bring even greater success.

Stay tuned for more on the Origins of the Revolution...