Top 5 Headlines of 2013 (Fantasy)

As we get set to start a new year, I thought it would be fun to try to come up with 5 headlines that I'd love to see come true in 2013.  These are (at the moment) fantasy headlines and are just for fun.  None of this is true--and though we don't know what 2013 will bring, it's unlikely these 5 headlines will be part of it (except #5---that might actually happen).

#5--Young Adult Author Tom Tancin Announces a New Series to Be Released Beginning in 2014

#4--After a 5 year hiatus, Tom Tancin's Solver of the Unsolvable, Lindsey Scott, Returns in New Thrillstery --Cat's Meow--On July 4th

#3--Tom Tancin's The Atlantis Revolution Now Available in Over a Dozen Countries

*NOTE--Countries Illustrated in Above Graphic Were the Countries that Visited This Site the Most in 2012 (no particular order though)

#2--The Atlantis Revolution makes the bestseller list.

#1--Tom Tancin's The Atlantis Revolution is Set to Become a Movie Trilogy--Starting with Hippocampus in 2015


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