About the Time Warriors Legacy

Legacy Summary

Would you risk everything to be the first to time travel? The United States made a choice that led them down a dark road. It was a road from which they could never return. This is that story.

Dreams came true and history was made when four young adults became the first humans to set foot in time. Those four individuals got inducted as the Time Warriors and made it their goal to regulate and protect time travel. The world rallied behind the young heroes and worshiped them like movie stars.

Crime in time increased causing the team to expand. And when no one expected it, the heroes lives were turned upside down. The leadership was challenged and the team divided. A conspiracy came to light and dreams turned to nightmares. The heroes became criminals. A resolution was made and a battle was fought. Lives were lost; a legacy was born.

This is the legacy of the Time Warriors. Read about the first seven years of the United States Department of Time Travel. Experience the good times and the bad. This is a story of friendship, survival, and finding the strength to fight for what you believe in.

History of the Legacy

The first ideas for the Time Warriors Legacy were developed by Tom Tancin and Chris Wolf in 1997 when they were just 13 years old.  The boys started writing a book after being challenged by their 7th grade English teacher.  They spent the next 5 years expanding on their ideas and by the time they graduated in 2002 they had completed 2 books.  After graduation, as they left the sheltered environment of high school, they gave the series a dark twist.  And from there, 2 more books were completed.  The series took the friends 10 years to complete.  Induction (the first book) was released in June 2009 but due to the passing of Tom's father, the series was put on hold and never returned to publication. 

Future Publication Dates of the Series:  TBD


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