Time Warriors: Expansion

"Would you tell the president that he has to wait to meet with the UN?  Im sorry Mr. President but I have to talk to my team first.  They are the center of the world you know."  -TJ

The Time Warriors proved themselves to the United States. They are indeed the new breed of heroes everyone was waiting for.  But now that time travel is growing in popularity, so are the problems.  As the team's responsibilities increase, so does the stress.  Four members just aren't enough.  The Time Warriors are due for an EXPANSION---a global one.

Mission 4:  Armies of the Zodiac
The Time Warriors quickly learn that heroes can never rest.  A universal force is about to unleash its fury on planet Earth and only TIME can tell how to stop it from destroying the planet.  An ancient structure will guide the Warriors into battle with twelve extraterrestrial armies.  The only problems is, the team has only twelve days to defeat the armies or the Earth will fall to the force. 

Mission 5:  Return to Paradise
TJ and Heather take some time away from the team to raise their newborn daughter.  The two newest members want to know how the team began and, when Chris and Krissy explain the story of their first mission, the two new members ask to go to 'paradise'.  Against their own better judgment, Chris and Krissy agree and they return to the place where it all started.

Mission 6:  The Elements
A psychic with a connection to the four natural elements teams with the followers of Master of Time.  Their goal is to destroy those who protect time.  And it becomes even more personal when TJ and Heather's daughter is kidnapped by the group.  The team begins a quest to crack the mystery of the four elements and learn how to use them to stop Karma. 


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