Dismantled (A YA Post-Apocalyptic Novel)--Work in Progress--Follow and Read for Free on Textnovel

The Havens did what they were designed to do. The energy-shielded cities perpetuated the human race 500 years past the end of the world. But now that the Havens’ shields are dismantled, different cultures are interacting for the first time in half a millenium. With each Haven having different needs and resources, Inter-Haven trading is becoming increasingly popular.

Malik is the Prince of Babylon, the first--and most successful--Haven created. Zayn is the Prince of Rome--a Haven with a strong military but diminishing resources. Calysta is the Princess of Athens--a Haven struggling to become a world power equal to the other two. While the three Havens find it difficult to coexist the three teens find friendship in each other.

When Athens betroths Calysta to Zayn in a gesture to form an alliance with Rome, Babylon has good reason to be worried. Except, no one factored Malik into the equation. As the three Havens prepare for battle the teens must cope with friendship, love, and impending war. Each of them also faces tough choices. Choices that could leave their friendships and civilizations...   Dismantled.

Dismanteld is a YA novel written in short chapters with three alternating perspectives. It is character driven--focused on three teenagers (each from a different Haven) that must deal with culture clashes, the fear of impending war, the difficulties of friendship, and the pains of forbidden love.

Dismantled is a work in progress and can be followed on Textnovel.com.  Because it's a work in progress, spelling, grammar, and other mistakes are highly likely.  Major revisions/editing will follow should the book be considered for official release.  Be sure to vote and comment on the story.  Textnovel also has an app in the apple store called eMobo which allows you to follow stories on Textnovel.


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